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You’ve reached the online home of Friends of Animal Tree Services. Thanks for giving us a visit. On this site, you’ll find out all about the arbor care services that we offer to our customers. If you have a question or don’t see a service that you might need, make sure that you get in touch with us so that we can come up with a solution.

Why go with FoA?

A question that we often get is “Why should I go with your company?” We understand that there are a lot of other great arbor care business in our area, but we’ve got a few reasons why we think we’re the best fit for your needs.

Years of experience

We have a staff that has seen and done it all. Each and every one of them has years of experience under their belt and knows how to do the job right in every kind of situation. No matter what your request is, our experts will make sure that your needs are met. You can trust us to handle everything in a professional and experienced manner.

Dedication to excellence

One of the things that we are known for here at Friends of Animals Tree Services is that we know how to do an excellent job. Time and again, customers are consistently impressed with the level of quality of the work that we do. Just check out what Megan, one of our recent customers, had to say about a tree removal that we did for her:

“About two months ago, I noticed that a tree that was standing pretty close to my house was dead and was starting to rot. I knew that there wasn’t a lot of time before this tree would become very structurally unsound and potentially pose a large threat to my safety. I called Friends of Animals and consulted them. They came out to my property to look at the tree and concluded that it would be best to remove it. They came back the very next day and removed the tree. I was so impressed with their professionalism and the quality of their work. If I ever need arbor care on my property again, I will make sure that I get in touch with them. Thanks for helping me out, FoA!” 

Friendly Service

Here at FoA, we aren’t just friends of animals, we’re friends of people too! We strive our hardest to provide friendly and informative service to all of our customers. We do this because we believe in fostering a good relationship with those who choose us for their tree service needs.

Affordable Prices

One of the final (and maybe best) advantages that you will have by going with us for your arbor needs is that our prices for our services are extremely competitive, making us an affordable tree service. We know that money is hard to earn so we strive to keep our prices as low as possible while still providing excellent service to you. We also price match if you find someone who is doing the same job for less. Let us know!

More Resources

If you’re not in the area and need tree service, we’ve got friends all around the country who can help you out. Check out the following links:


Why Utilizing Tree Surgeons Will Keep Your Trees Healthy And Looking Great

Trees play an important function in the ecosystem. They produce oxygen. They add charm to the surroundings and they likewise act as designs in your backyard. There is a need to maintain the trees on your lawn. For this reason, you need to hire tree cosmetic surgeons.

Tree cosmetic surgeons are the individuals who are concentrating on trimming the trees and tree upkeep service.

You may react with your big eyes like, “Oh my! Why would I hire a tree cosmetic surgeon when I can do it myself?” Or you can also state, “That’s a simple task!” There is a basic answer to that query. Hiring a tree cosmetic surgeon suggests guaranteeing the trees in your garden to be cut or reduced in a way that is efficient and safe. They are specialists who are knowledgeable and educated in all the tree surgical treatment associated works. With all the things that you are busy with, it will be much better to leave your tree cutting to these tree surgeons.

There would be times that you in addition to those who have gardens in their homes would think that this is a simple and simple task that they can deal with by themselves.

It is since you are believing that exactly what is only required in tree trimming are some clippers and hand saw. And then, when weekends strike, you would get your tools and gloves and you would begin with the work together with your loved ones. You would enjoy it at the start however after a little while you would recognize that it is not a simple job and it is extremely from your thoughts. And aside from that, it would be dangerous if you do not have an understanding of tree care company cutting.

You have the tendency to forget the fact that a tree is various from a bush or a small plant.

Thus, tree trimming is much more treacherous are compared to cutting the bush or a little plant. Before a person can even understand what is occurring, branches could start falling and you might even be harmed and get injured. The bottom line is that taking care of the trees is not a proposal that is one time. The trees require having regular maintenance. For this reason, to work with a tree surgeon is also an important thing. Besides, the look after the trees is not just all about cutting off some branches once in a while. Take this example – he resembles a barber. He has the ability to make the tree appear well kept. They also assist in limiting the growth of the tree. They are also responsible for cutting a part of the tree in helping it yield fruits.

Now, you would ask, why is there a have to have trees which are well maintained? For those who are thought about beginners, well-kept trees are making the garden appear to be more appealing. You would not wish to have a garden that would look like if a twister has actually simply gone by.

When it concerns working with a tree cosmetic surgeon, you have to ensure that they have appropriate accreditation and licenses from the ideal authorities. This is a must before you enter into a contract with these tree surgeons.