About Friends of Animal Services

The Friends of Animal Services was founded in 1979 as a support group for the Antioch Animal Services. In 1978, the citizens of Antioch voted overwhelmingly in favor of maintaining a local animal services program and became unique in Contra Costa County in this regard. Soon after this election, the Friends of Animal Services was formed for the express purpose of guaranteeing the people of Antioch a humane and comprehensive Animal Services program with an emphasis on a quality Animal Shelter and maximum responsible adoptions of animals.

An old, rudimentary "dog pound" had dutifully served Antioch until its closure by the local government in 1975 as a cost-cutting measure. The smokestack of the carbon monoxide chamber used for euthanasia was ominously visible to the community. There had been housing for dogs only. It was this primitive facility that had to be renovated after the 1978 vote. Public funds had begun to dry up following the 1978 vote for Proposition 13.

The Friends of Animal Services began, therefore, in the political arena as a powerful and effective advocate for renovation of the old building, for the crafting and adoption of a first-time animal ordinance, and for articulation of the new humane ethic for the city. As a result of the huge efforts and success of the Friends, the renovated building of 1979 was replaced in 1991 by the state-of-the-art Animal Services Facility—a part of Antioch's multi-million dollar Police Complex.

From its political beginnings, the Friends has enriched the Animal Services program for nearly twenty years through fund-raising, education, volunteer efforts, community events, and even beautification of the shelter and its surrounding grounds and—of course, through its continuing monitoring of local government!

Barbara Sobalvarro, Founder and President

A Non-Profit Charity

We are a charitable, non-profit animal welfare organization dedicated to enhancing a humane Animal Services Program for the City of Antioch, California. We were incorporated as a charitable non-profit organization in March 1996. Tax ID Number: 68-0390937

Our mission

We promote public awareness of the need to spay and neuter animals, we sponsor spay and neuter programs, we provide education on the humane care of animals, and we raise funds to support our mission.

Our Values

Each animal in our community, dependent on the care of the Antioch Animal Shelter, has inherent value and requires humane treatment.

Our Vision

A caring community that ensures a safe and loving home for every animal, ending euthanasia.

Contact FOAS

P.O. Box 1242
Antioch, California 94509
United States

Email: info@friendsofanimalservices.org
Phone: (925) 431-8318

"The Friends began in a home with only a handful of zealous persons; but it grew to include hundreds from many areas. The Friends is living proof that even one person can have a tremendous and lasting impact for good!"